Four® Real 741 Flake Tables Perfect For Breakout Areas


Agile working is a big thing. The best and brightest minds in the business are saying that it’s the way forward and that businesses should embrace it sooner rather than later. A Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors report on Agile Working established that: “work is an activity, not a place” and summarised what they call business agility as: “the ability to use […] your property to enhance your business by getting the most out of the people in your office for the longest possible time.” This means that Agile working is not so much about the place (I could be lying in bed typing this for all you know) or even the time of working, but more about how the work is done in order to get the best results.

But space constraints in city offices mean that impromptu brainstorms or casual meetings will sometimes need to be held in spaces that usually function as social spaces such as breakout areas. Enter Four® Real 741 Flake Tables

Four® Real 741 Flake Tables are a flexible meeting table solution with folding leg mechanism. With integrated castors in the table legs, Four® Real 741 Flake Tables are easy to set-up and fold away by one person making this the perfect multi-functional table solution.

Four Real 741 Flake Table


Four® Real 741 Flake Tables have been designed to be combined across variations of shapes and sizes and optional extras can be added to solve specific needs in the versatile canteen or agile layouts.

Choose from various colours and optional extras to make it the best agile solution for your canteen environment or in the open office.