Fixed Office Screens Or Free-Standing?

The modern open plan office needs to be a productive and welcoming working space. This is achieved with the use of functional office furniture, welcoming break out areas and facilities such as a coffee station and water cooler. What you also need to carefully consider is the area in which people carry out their daily working tasks while sitting behind their laptop, or conversing with colleagues. This is when office screens become invaluable. Below we explore the importance of acoustic screens, why free-standing screens work best in the open-plan office as opposed to fixed screens, and some of the options that are available.

Fixed office screens

Fixed office screens are a permanent solution to creating a private working space in the open-plan office. Most often they come in the form of large room dividers or are attached to desks. They will also help to minimise noise pollution. However, they cannot be moved. So, if your office space needs to be changed and you wish to create a different working layout, or you want a more adaptable space, then free-standing screens are a much better option due to their flexibility.

Free standing screens adapt to your space

Free-standing screens have all the benefits of a fixed screen, but offer you so much more. They are able to be re positioned as and when required, they can be used on a temporary basis and some screens can be easily adapted to provide different privacy solutions throughout the day.

Innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs

Today there are many innovative free-standing screen designs that not only help to create a private and quiet working space when surrounded by other workers, but are also highly innovative and aesthetically pleasing, helping to improve work-based mood and productivity.

Curved freestanding screens like the Cove Screen provides you with a private space to sit and work, or it can become a breakout space or place to meet and work with others, due to its large movable curved screen.

The BuzziScreen is a flexible room divider that can be any length due to its zipped panels. It can be placed anywhere, you can angle it around desks and you can choose what colour best enhances the office space.

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