Five Surprising Benefits Of An Office Storage Wall

Your working environment can make a significant impact on how you (and your business) work. With numerous studies confirming this, an increasing number of organisations are focusing their efforts on how work spaces are designed and maintained.

For them, the pressure is on to get the best from their workforce and the smartest businesses are finding that, by incorporating storage walls within their offices, they can make the biggest gains… sometimes in surprising ways.

1. Cleaner working environments

Office storage walls encourage employees to adhere to tidy desk policies. Typically, these require staff to clear documents and clutter at the end of the working day or when they’re no longer needed.

2. Increased security  

While a cleaner working environment is visually pleasing for employees and visitors alike, for many organisations these policies are driven by the need to promote data protection.

How many times have you seen a username/password on a sticky note by a monitor? Or a sensitive document on a desk because it’s still being worked on? Information like this shouldn’t be openly available.

Storage walls can be customised to your exact requirements – ensuring that sensitive materials are stored securely and conveniently.

3. Better information management

In a study by the National Association of Professional Organisations, researchers revealed that, on average, employees spend 4.3 hours a week looking for items. When papers and files are disorganised, finding the right document becomes that bit harder.

A storage wall also helps make paper-based documents and details easier and quicker to find. It can also help encourage the digitisation of documents, which, in turn, can drive businesses to go paperless.

4. Reduced running costs

Hot-desking is growing in popularity, thanks to studies showing it can reduce a company’s running costs by as much as 30%, while boosting productivity. Without designated workstations, however, employees will need a secure area to store personal belongings.

Storage walls customised with personal lockers do just that. But the latest technological advances mean they can do a lot more. Lockers can be specified with a choice of locking mechanisms and can even be fitted with in-locker charging stations.

5. Less stress and delay

Studies have indicated a link between clutter and productivity. With the right storage solution for your operation, then, you get clutter under control for greater productivity.

When you’re constantly struggling to find what you’re looking for, stress is never far behind. Because it increases your heart rate, you’ll find it reduces your ability to concentrate and think clearly.

Research from NAPO found that missing information alone caused executives to lose one hour of productivity each working day. Scale that across your workforce and you’ll quickly realise the impact it’s having on your operation. 

More time to get the job done

With the right storage wall solution, you free your team up to do what they do best. Rather than spending their valuable time searching for missing files or documents, they can concentrate on more profitable work.

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