Five Pieces Of Must Have Executive Office Furniture

The type of executive office furniture an executive chooses says everything about them and the way they work. With so many choices of desks, chairs, storage options and accessories, offices can really make a bold statement.


The Five Must-Have Pieces of Executive Office Furniture:


1. Vogue Executive Pink Desk

The desk is the hub of any office. It’s the control panel of everything that happens. Nothing is more special than the high-quality Vogue Executive Pink Desk. Produced by Sinetica Design and lacquered in pink pastel, it comes with a distinctive metal frame and is available as a rectangular or L-shaped executive office desk.


2. Open Up Modern Classic Chair

If the desk is the control panel of the office, then it’s important the person at the helm is comfortable and relaxed. The Open Up Modern Classic Chair is handmade and features soft, fully grained, non-embossed aniline leather, making it the perfect complement to the Vogue Executive Pink Desk. The backrest features adjustable backrest pressure, so it adapts directly to the user’s rotational, sideways and backward movements. It also includes a quality neckrest for added comfort.


3. Trapèze Table

Meetings at an executive desk can sometimes be formal and stiff. Our Trapèze Table is the ideal piece of executive furniture to change the atmosphere a little. Designed by Jean Prouvé, the Trapèze was originally designed for the Cité Universitaire at Antony and is a stylish, yet relaxed table. It is a piece of executive furniture that can used to discuss work over a cappuccino.


4. Florence Knoll Sofa and Armchair

Florence Knoll’s lounge collection of 1954 is a classic in the design world and the Florence Knoll Sofa and Armchair are must-have pieces of executive furniture for an office that wants to stand out. The angular design means the furniture is perfect for offices that want an area for those informal or late-night meetings in comfort.


5. Info magazine rack

Nothing sends out a clearer statement about an executive than their choice of reading material. Our Info Magazine Rack is made to order so all those favourite magazines and books can be displayed prominently and smartly. The racks are available in two versions – vertical and horizontal – and they come in a choice of white, red, or “café au lait”.