Five Key Steps You Need For Office Planning

Proper planning is often the key to the success of any office design project. A project requiring the purchase of inventory must essentially follow a series of recurring steps, whether relocating a business, building new headquarters, or simply renovating established spaces.

The best way to plan an office layout is to hire a professional architect who understands the office space requirements. However, as you plan, make sure to follow these 5 steps for your office planning.

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Spend In an Office Environment

Multiple reasons can force a company to invest in its work environment, such as the company growth may necessitate the need for extra space, the company may want to evaluate its corporate reputation and revitalise its working atmosphere.

Once the customer has decided to invest, they must encircle themselves with the necessary experts. The supplier must then follow the customer needs and support the various collaborators assigned to all office furniture-related issues.


The Customer Requirements and The Furniture Configuration

This stage necessitates the involvement of a provider. The provider will primarily function as a strategist and advisor. Because of their expertise, they will recommend solutions based on your requirements. At first, it is a matter of analysing future local plans and consenting to the division of space. For example for an executive feel with plentiful space, an executive office desk would be recommended.

The following step is to specify the furniture. Now it is time to determine the exact dimensions of the workstation and to select between the various types of finishes (fabric, material, etc.)


The Actual Product Selection and the Requisition

When deciding on the final products and solutions, several factors need consideration. It is critical to compare comparable products because some details can have a significant impact on the prices offered. After the order is placed, it is sent to the various manufacturers for production.


Project Delivery and Installation

The reliability of the operational process and implementation is often critical to the success of any office design project. Each breakthrough has its own set of difficulties. A professional and highly qualified project manager is expected to handle the following tasks:

In charge of monitoring the operational plans and preventing setup errors. Furthermore, ensuring the installation team sanitation and quality of service. Additionally office pods are highly prone to damage during installation so you must be cautious when delivering installing them.



Some inadequacies may occur after the setup. The quality department must address and prevent these shortcomings. The aim is to assist the customer through the project completion and beyond to make necessary modifications. It is also critical to ensure that users receive proper training programs. It is preferred to establish a quality relationship with customers, to be available, and to keep them up to date on market trends.



As previously stated, every project is unique, and every individual’s role varies depending on the scope and nature of the project chosen. If taken care of properly, these five steps will help you take your office planning and office design to the next level. Furthermore, our team at Apres Furniture will assist you in the initial planning stages to the completion of your project.