Finding The Perfect Auditory Environment

Are you looking for a noise solution for your busy office? Do you have a creative team which needs flexibility and mobile boundaries? An acoustic screen is a simple and stylish solution which gives the advantages of an open plan space, while reducing ambient background noise.

Think priorities

Do your staff need a place to meet together away from the bustle of the office, or are they looking for a way to retreat into their own space to focus on one idea? If your team regularly collaborate on ideas – and then move apart to work on individual tasks – then a separated space for informal collaboration might work for you. The Huddle Rustic Shed is a furniture solution which provides a shelter from office noise, and a cosy meeting place to encourage blue-sky thinking. On the other hand, you may need a place for busy colleagues to shelter when they need to follow their own train of thought. The Spacio Mini Work Pod is a peaceful private space where the automatic lighting and ventilation cuts down on the distractions of a productive work environment.

Think space

Are you looking to make use of a small, well-used environment, or do you need to break up the vast vista of the modern office? If you are looking to make the best use of a small space, Sedus Wall Room Dividers may be your solution. These are the perfect way to ensure flexibility with an infinite array of possible configurations, while also boasting an impressive level of noise reduction. However, if you need a way to lend character to an open plan office without compromising on openness, you may be attracted to the benefits of the Railway Carriage Pods. These pods are fully customisable, reflecting the vision of your company. Available as two, three or six-seaters, they are a comfortable place for good ideas to flourish, while regulating the noise cost to the rest of the company.

Think creativity

Does your team thrive when given opportunities to collaborate and be creative? Good ideas prosper when a team is allowed to work together, and the furniture in your office can enable a good team to swap concepts and build on inspiration. There are lots of ways to help your team come together. If you want to introduce an informal element to your office, the Mote Modular Sofa range is brilliant for agile and creative working. The fully customisable acoustic units allow you to moderate the noise levels, while the power modules make that every idea is capitalised on. Alternatively, you might need to enable more fleeting encounters with a ‘Stop&Go’ workspace. The Magazone Touchdown Table has a privacy screen which offers excellent sound-absorbing qualities, while the stand-up quirky design courtesy of the innovative designers Gestranius & Lahtinen introduces a stylish jumping-off point for ad-hoc meetings between two people.

Whatever your acoustic needs, we have the perfect auditory solution. Talk to one of our furniture consultants on 0207721 7914 or contact us here.