Find The Ultimate Sofa For Office Here

Employees need personal space to take a breather, and some time off from the pressure can do wonders. A vibe should be maintained when they hit the break room to make them feel welcome. One opportunity is sofas that accommodate as well as implement the right atmosphere in the break room and around the office surroundings.

Continue to read through this post to find the ultimate sofas for your office.


Street Sofa and Armchair

In executive offices, break rooms, waiting rooms, and multi-functional spaces, the Street Soft Seating collection’s small and large armchairs and couches can help with space-related issues.

It is perfect for use in business reception areas and lobbies to provide clients or staff with a comfortable seating arrangement.

Dacron and polyurethane foam are used to cover the solid wood, with wood by-products that make up the frame. The padding and backrest cushions are made of polyurethane foam and have heat-bonded fibres covering them. The foundation is made of chromed steel, so durability is not a problem here.


Stone Soft Seating

Stone Soft Seating is a series of modular sofas with simple rounded curves developed by the British design group PearsonLloyd.

They feature a variety of upholstery options, are soft and comfortable and are inspired by the attractive shapes of stones that have been polished by flowing water.

This seating is available in several styles and can either stand alone or be included in a cleft to heighten its elegance.


Harvey Modular Sofa

The Harvey Sofas are a part of an intriguing collection of soft upholstered seating that fuses classic design with uniquely British characteristics. Its units can all be upholstered in a wide variety of leather and fabrics.

Harvey is a sharply fitted interpretation of a classic style and has contrasting button detailing, padded back and shoulder panels, and pleated arms.


HM93 Sofa

The first upholstery line created by David Chipperfield for Hitch Mylius is the HM991 Sofas. This sleek series includes a wide range of couches, a chaise-longue and a daybed.

Based on a modular system with a 900 x 900 footprint, this seating set is available in a variety of configurations with widths up to 3600mm.


Floater High Back Sofa

The Floater High Back Sofa contributes to the creation of cosy, private work areas with soft seats. A base (substructure), an exterior shell, many upholstered inlays, and inserted boxes make up this high-back sofa solution.

Pauline Deltour, the designer, doesn’t hide it; all formal elements and their purposes are made clear. Contrasting hues, materials, woods, and fabrics are used to achieve the desired “tease” impression in the setting. The colourful design of the Floater High Back Sofa represents the number of uses, including sitting, talking, working, and resting.


Key Takeaway For Sofa For Office!

Sofas, be they extravagant or inexpensive, should be inviting and comfortable. Employees that occupy these around the office area should feel well-rested once they stand to get back to work. If you are thinking of buying one, check out Après Furniture for the best sofas in the market.