Ensure Your Workplace Has Dedicated Mothering Booths

For many new moms, returning to work after a period of maternity leave entails a sense of dread.

It is not because of the challenging work they might do, or even the emotional side of not being around their babies, but it is because of the fact that many UK businesses have not yet started to cater for the needs of new moms.

New moms need space where they can comfortably – and safely – express breast milk without feeling like their co-workers can see or even hear them.

While space in the capital does come at a premium, employers do not have to set aside an entire room to help new moms be comfortable. Our Spacio Bricks units make for perfect Dedicated Mothering Booths. With a frosted glass door or an obscured glazing manifestation and an optional ‘on air’ signage or green/red light indicators that show when the unit is in use, new moms will have the privacy (acoustically too) they need to express milk while still being able to take phone calls or work on their laptops.

Spacio Mothering Booths

The Spacio Bricks are fully customisable, and modular which means that you can design them to fit in with your existing office environment and move them around as your spatial needs change.

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