Elite Lockers Storage And Agile Ready HotBox 2

While hot-desking entails a round of first-thing-in-the-morning musical chairs, it also means flexibility, creativity, privacy, a better work/life balance, a focus on results and the freedom to be in the vicinity of the people you need to work with for a project. Like it or not, more and more office buildings need to adapt to an increasing number of employees and adopt this solution.

Along with the increase in acoustic furniture requests, we see London offices enquire after hot desking furniture ideas.

Modern offices are changing, needing a dynamic feel for flexible workers. The hot-desking or agile office concept appeared along the rejuvenation of open-plan office designs where a greater emphasis has been placed on employee happiness, breakout areas and the power of collaboration. This method of working was tested by a number of industries and proved to be compatible with departments like sales, marketing and project management. The economic advantages of this solution are immediate for building managers. As hot-desking usually combines with working from home, they cut down on the needed space and maintenance costs.

The challenge comes from switching to a hot-desking setup while maintaining a welcoming, team-spirited and flexible space that allows employees the freedom to personalise the communal spaces in which they work.

The solution is personal storage in the shape of Elite Lockers and the HotBox 2.

Lockers and personal storage allow employees the freedom to store and carry the things they need on a daily basis and which makes them more productive.

Elite offer three locker units in both a 9 or 6 door configuration. The difference between the three units is the locking mechanism, with the choice of either a standard key lock, an electronic keypad or a 4-digit combination lock. Each internal compartment measures W240mm x H390mm x D455mm, which makes the lockers compatible with the HotBox and HotBox 2.

The flexible interior of the HotBox 2 allows employees to carry with them laptops, phones, pens, files and even the odd personal item. The core is made from soft and flexible ABS plastic to ensure the contents remain safe from bumps and bruises while the interchangeable – and customisable – fabric or vinyl covers make sure everything stays where it should.

Other specs include:

  • Side pull handle for easy removal from lockers
  • Removable utility pots can be used anywhere on the work surface
  • Optional tablet stand
  • Optional tablet strap holder
  • Option to add your logo
  • Option without cover available
  • Desk and screen mount options available soon