Creating A Perfect Reception Space

Receptions are an integral part of office layouts. Therefore it’s important to ensure the area looks welcoming to visitors and that it comfortably accommodates the receptionist working there. If you’re wondering how to create an aesthetically pleasing reception area while keeping things practical, read on.

What is a reception counter?

A reception counter is simply a large desk that is used by a receptionist. Available in a range of styles, there’s a lot to choose from. You’ll want to make sure that the area is large enough for the person working there and visitors. From contemporary curved designs to more traditional, boxy types. There are reception counters out there to serve every type of office.

Do counters offer storage space?

Storage space is vital in any office environment and you may be looking specifically for a reception counter that offers this. The good news is that many of them come with built-in drawers, offering practicality as well as appeal. When shopping for a reception counter be sure to check out exactly how much storage space is offered prior to buying!

What style to choose?

There is no right or wrong answer here. There are lots of different reception counter designs out there, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right type of style. As a good starting point, use the rest of your office design as inspiration. A traditional wooden counter, for example, will look out of place if the surrounding area is minimalistically modern. Curved counters are growing in popularity as they help to achieve a great welcoming feel.

How much do reception counters cost?

Reception counters vary in price and this often comes down to size and style. If you have a low-end budget, consider opting for a traditional counter composed of wood. For those who have a more expandable budget, you can expect to pay anything from £200-400 for a high-quality, stylish counter.

Additional reception counter features

Choosing the best reception counter for your space is only a starting point. More often than not, business owners will choose to personify their counter area using eye-catching signage and lighting too. There are many ways in which a reception area can be elevated and this should always be considered as the first point of contact for customers. First impressions really do matter.

Reception areas are vital to any physical business. They should be comfortable, accommodating and above all – welcoming! By getting your reception counter choice right, you’ll be on your way to creating the best reception area possible for your business or company. Browse our range at Apres Furniture today.