Creating A Contemporary Office Space

Our work environments should be a space in which we can be our best professional selves. Creating an office space that is inviting, inspiring and stylish, however, can be a task in itself. If you’re wondering how to get the ultra-modern look right, we’ve put together a checklist of different elements to consider, because nobody wants to work in a dull, outdated space.

Create an ultra-modern office space

Make use of that open floor plan here. Think about creating an airy atmosphere and using natural lighting as an asset. Open up space by tactfully placing furniture so that there is plenty of room to move around. If you need to shut off certain areas, for example by creating a meeting room space, consider using some sleek, glass partitions to do so as this will still give the illusion of an open environment.

Choose minimal

Don’t go overboard with patterns, wall decor and colours. You should aim to keep things as simple as possible when creating an ultra-modern office space. If you want to select one or two features such as contemporary lighting, do so. But don’t overcomplicate the space with lots of busy things that don’t necessarily need to be there.

Choose good storage furniture

Good storage furniture can do wonders when it comes to achieving a minimalistic look and feel. Go for units that are boxy or opt for glass for a modern theme. Above all, make sure there is a designated space for paperwork to be stored away. Nobody wants to see files or clutter lying around.

Be contemporary and coordinate

If you’re wanting to create a sleek, contemporary look it’s a good idea to coordinate all furniture where possible. Going for metal desks? Choose metal cabinets to match, too. There is no worse aesthetic than a mix up of office furniture that doesn’t work. Choose 1-3 different designs you like and stick to them where possible to create harmony for the eyes.

Use colour tactfully

Want a pop of colour in your ultra-modern office? Not a problem! There’s still a way in which you can add colour to a modern office setting without going all out with floral wallpaper. Create a feature wall that will draw the eye while keeping everything else minimal. White works wonderfully as a base colour (that’s no secret), so why not mix things up with a bold orange across one area of the office. It’s all about balance when it comes to colours. Choose a simple palette and stick to it.