Could Your Office Benefit From Spacio Meeting Room Pods?

Offices can be very noisy and distracting places, and not always the easiest settings for important meetings. Modern offices are often designed to be open plan, but that can mean there’s constant traffic, noisy phone calls and the inescapable whirr from office equipment. Now more and more people are turning their backs on the open plan office design in favour of compact and sound proofed office pods, which provide an oasis of calm in the busy work environment. So, could your office benefit?

If you regularly host meetings and need a quiet space in your office, here are a few advantages of investing in Spacio office meeting room pods.

The pros of meeting room pods

Spacio meeting room pods let you construct a ‘room within a room’. Manufactured from the highest quality glazed panels, these office pods are completely sound proofed and allow you to block out the background office noise when you need to concentrate.

External sound is absorbed by the heavily insulated walls, while inside the meeting room pods the acoustics have been greatly enhanced so you can hear every word. The thick glazing and insulation give high levels of speech privacy (95% and above). This means that as well as excluding outside noise, you can maintain the highest levels of confidentiality when you’re holding important meetings.

One further advantage to these pods is their flexibility as a working space. Large enough to accommodate sizeable groups, they can also be used as a private space for undistracted working or for sensitive phone calls which you want to keep private. Spacio acoustic pods come in a range of sizes and a choice of colours, and they’re also easy to assemble and dismantle as the need arises.

Are they the right choice for your office?

If you work in an open plan office, Spacio meeting room pods are a great way to save both space and money. Over 80% of workers say they are more productive when they’re in a quieter environment and free from other distractions. Investing in Spacio pods frees up office floor space and provides your staff with a quiet space, leading to greater levels of productivity all round.