Cool Office Furniture For The Coolest Of Workplaces

One integral defining feature of a modern office is its creativity. From the minds to the workplace, a modern office remains distinct and stands out in the eyes of visitors or clients. This is where cool office furniture also plays a part.

Having the right office furniture creates an environment that employees enjoy, helping them connect with the space. It also reflects what your company believes in, and, of course, you would want to give away a stylish, modern, and creative impression to your clientele.

If your office is one that stands for the said, you might want to check out our picks of some of the most incredible furniture pieces.


Vogue Executive Pink Desk

Sinetica Design Lab was very particular when designing the Vogue Executive Pink Desk. They sought elegance, sophistication, and high-quality executive furniture, and to be fair, it has been achieved.

Lacquered in pastel pink, the Vogue Desk is made to fit any interior that requires a unique twist to its overall look. It can be customised in a rectangle or L shape and is available in 15 gloss or matte colour finishes.

You can also integrate a cable management system and a keyboard extension shelf. The Vogue Pink Desk is not for traditionalists.


Archipod Garden Office

Does your workplace have an outdoor space that is dull and feels unproductive? Trust the Archipod Garden Office to reinvigorate that area.

This sphere-shaped office pod with a 3m diameter is made from timber. The exterior consists of unused wood, while the interior incorporates recycled glass. It has a unique shape that ensures sunlight can seep in, and the inside is cosier. This private working space has a mounted desktop for work. All you need is an electricity supply and telephone line, and you are good to go.

You can install this at your office and see how you can fully utilise that outdoor space.


Vee Chair

Designed by Q Design, the Vee Chair and footstool is an agile seating solution that is a shift from traditional seating options. Available in two models, it is ideal for individuals seeking a personal, yet comfortable, space to work in highly active working environments.

The Vee Chair has a semi-enclosed design allowing for interaction from one side. Its unique shape makes it an excellent addition to the workplace. With integrated power outlets, the chair is a good solution for quick relaxing laps.

Of course, with several colour options, you can always be quirky and make it an incredible piece of furniture that attracts everyone.


Key Takeaway For Cool Office Furniture!

Your office needs a few sprinkles of colour and twists here and there to keep the vibe alive. Check out Apres Furniture’s extensive collection of office furniture for this purpose. The ability to customise everything is the cherry on top. You can match your furniture with your aesthetic and see how cool your office looks and feels. Reach out to our design team for a consultation today.