Concrete Reception Counters Can Give A Contemporary Look To Your Office

The journey of a start of a business always begins from a warm greeting desk. In addition to establishing a positive first impression on potential customers, reception halls serve as a bridge between businesses and end users.

The counters of a reception desk that have been skillfully built and maintained reflect professionalism, respect, and care. Beautiful greeting areas aid businesses create a positive first impression, which may boost customer engagement and brand loyalty.

One of the reasons Après Furniture’s reception desk counters are the top choice when constructing a reception area is the personality and sophistication they can bring to a room.


Choose Bold Reception Desks

While most organizations play it safe with understated welcome counters, businesses can create a distinctive look using bright colours. A greeting room can be elevated and further intrigued with the use of a striking shade. Black is one of the colours of quartz reception that is most frequently utilised.

Businesses may easily create an eye-catching and opulent design that fits any industry by combining this colour with a wide range of other features. For instance, the Sedus Reception Desks provide all the essentials for receiving guests and highlighting the company’s identity. This begins with a robust basic unit that exudes a genuine sense of integrity.

The base unit can then be customized with a variety of lengths and four different curves, including straight, curved, boat-shaped, and height gradation. Several shapes are available for metal, MDF, laminate, or real wood veneer accessories.

Then there is a broad range of colours and finishes. The LED-lit Valde Reception Desk features a high gloss facial surface with a variety of HPL and complimentary wood-colour fronts. Valde is notable for its innovative design and convincing elegance, underlined by the attention to detail, and for serving as a superb invitational reception counter.


Key Takeaway for Concrete Reception Counters!

Reception counters are an integral part of a contemporary office furniture, and Après Furniture offers modern designs to make offices look their best. An office that looks good can give its clients the view of being in professional hands.