Concrete Furniture – Minimalist, Stylish, Post-Modern

The modern office isn’t just somewhere to get work done. It’s a space to flex creative style and showcase a company’s social capital. Gone are the days of dark wood and dull interiors. The modern office needs to be bright and airy.

Understanding minimalism and modernism

Minimalism has been a trend over the last few decades in all aspects of interior design. Clean, sharp lines, reductive, simplicity, uncluttered, “less is more” – these are just some of the terms and ideas that are used to describe this style. When you think of minimalism, these concepts come to mind immediately. There’s a certain serenity that declutters the mind when thinking of minimalism.

Achieving the look can be difficult, but ultimately rewarding. After all, you don’t just want an empty space – you want a space with objects that don’t seem to be there at all but are. Nor do you want a space that’s cold, empty and un-lived in. You want a feeling of calm, and that’s what modernism delivers. It’s a form-focused style that is pleasing to the eye and the mind.

Brutalism and concrete

One of the top minimalist trends for building design in the post-war years was Brutalism, which sought to use cheap and available concrete to give a vision of a future free from the dark days of narrow streets and build upward into the sky with a sense of purpose and the future. This was the perfect design for a world which looked beyond its horizons toward something new. Though brutalism evolved and eventually fell out of favour for building design, the use of concrete in construction has taken on a post-modern twist in the intervening years. Some of the most striking examples of the style have even become unlikely cultural landmarks.

Concrete furniture

Concrete furniture is a style that is ultra post-modern and minimalist, taking the best of the last 50 years of construction and interior design and distilling it into its purest form. Whilst it may not be the first material to come to mind for furniture, it creates a real statement piece that gets people talking. From conference tables to outdoor chairs and bookshelves, modern designers are proving that it is a slick, post-modern building material for the contemporary office. A great example of form and style in this medium is the Oppocent outdoor chair by Stefan Borselius. It’s an organic but functional piece offering the best of both worlds.

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