Cellular Office Layout Pros And Cons

Figuring out the right office system is necessary for productivity and employee morale. In addition, among many leading factors, office layout needs much consideration. A cellular office arrangement means the work floor has separate chambers or cubicles, allowing for personal employee space.

With partitioned walls and panels, every cubicle is an enclosed space with a door that adds to privacy, noise cancellation, and a space to do focused work. However, it is not all shiny and glamorous.

Find out why a cellular office layout is important in a workplace but also how it might not be as charming as it appears.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Since the space is closed and soundproof, employees have all the privacy and confidentiality to conduct their business. Without external interruptions, they have a space where they are comfortable and can peacefully work in. This allows them to be productive and creative with their tasks.

For administrative and managerial level positions, a cellular layout is ideal since their work environment must be confidential. Our Campers meeting pod is an ideal solution for it. It is stylish and versatile and provides the utmost functionality.



Of course, to be able to complete work with complete focus is also essential. A cellular office allows for that. One of the most significant drawbacks of an open office is the constant disturbances since everyone is sharing the space with no dedicated area to work independently. A peaceful ambience is necessary for the utmost efficiency and task completion.

The Cell pod meeting pod can come in handy in such scenarios. With glass walls, the employee is connected with their external environment while also being at peace thanks to its excellent acoustic system. You can even use it as a collaborative space.


Takes Up A Lot Of Space

While a cellular office layout is much desired for privacy purposes, it is also true that it takes up a lot of space around the floor. The same space that can, in a collaborative scenario, accommodate more people.

This situation is where you require movable pieces in your office. Trust the Campers and Dens Pod for this. It is a sophisticated yet convenient office pod that can easily be demounted, moved, and repositioned. It adds privacy and offers confidentiality while also tackling the space issue.


Supervision is Challenging

Since cellular offices have traditionally been closed with opaque walls, this secludes and disconnects the employee working inside from the outside with no knowledge of the activities taking place. Having such a working environment often leads to workplace feuds that could easily have been avoided.

The Spacio Grand Meeting Pod easily tackles this issue. Its surrounding glass walls ensure the individuals inside are connected with those outside and stay on top of everything happening.


Key Takeaway For Cellular Office Layout!

Apres Furniture is a one-stop solution to all pre-existing office furniture problems. Our pieces are stylish, elegant, super functional, and versatile. They are durable and last a lifetime. If you want to learn more about cellular office spaces, book an appointment with our design experts and see how you can revamp your workplace with our contemporary office furniture.