BuzziSkin Reduces Noise In The Office

It’s a difficult task keeping the office harmony if, from every nook and cranny employees are playing (read: shout over the phone) a different tune. In the very finite space that is the modern day office, the amounts and types of sound reverberating through it is quite literally limitless.

There are of course the sounds that we are mostly used to: people chatting to each other, fingers clacking away on keyboards, printers purring and kettles getting ready for teatime. But on the other hand, there are also those sounds that, no matter how loud you blast your power metal ballads through your headphones (which you acquired solely for this purpose), still permeate every fibre of your cochlea… (a jackhammer digging up the pavement to make space for the capital’s next high-rise, the never-ending sirens of police cars and fire engines off to rescue cats stuck in trees and the 600 Boeings flying overhead bringing back from holiday burnt Brits).

Luckily, help is at hand. BuzziSkin Acoustic Wall Felt is like wallpaper but on steroids.

Being 6mm thick and comprising of pure acoustic material, BuzziSkin is ideal for providing modern offices with high-quality sound insulation.

The BuzziSkin is available in self-adhesive rolls, 98cm long, and in just about any colour. This means you can colour code your office environment just the way you like it while still reaping the rewards of BuzziSpace’s superior acoustic materials. And what’s more is that once you’ve stuck the skin to the wall, you’ve also got an enormous pinboard.


Not ones to stick to straight lines and right angles, BuzziSpace have also come up with BuzziSkin Cuts. It’s the same principle as the BuzziSkin but is available in different shapes (round, hexa, penta and square) so those of us who are a little more creative at heart can have some decorating fun.