Build Your Office One Spacio Brick At A Time

Our Spacio Brick range offers fully customisable products and can be loaded with tech features on the inside and custom painted or milled on the outside – perfect to go with your swanky new office. It is however also thanks to its customisability that you can design it with an understated elegance that won’t interfere with your office’s existing aesthetics.

Have a look below at some Spacio Bricks design proposals we recently did for a client:

Spacio Brick

Spacio Brick

The following customisations are available:

  • Cabin size (any size within the 30 cm modular grid pattern is available)
  • Individual colour design (all NCS colours available) and printing of parts or the entire cabin on demand
  • Individual branding and printing with patterns and structures (e. g. concrete-like design) available
  •  Individual colour combination of bricks and absorbers
  • Custom-built interior fittings and designs (for example video screens, desktop references or acoustic absorbers in several designs)
  • Further optional add-ons available like “On Air” sign, bench seat, special resistant surface, light panel, folding door, individual interior fittings
  • We also offer special designed Spacio Bricks cabins, e.g.: Logo milling Texture printing, e.g., cement style

Check out our comprehensive Spacio Bricks offering in the brochure below and get in contact to discuss you acoustic pod and privacy requirements.

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