Bold Chairs Designed For Breakout Rooms

Although London can be described as one of the “old world” powers, no one can accuse it of being stuck in the past. Especially when it comes to its buildings. Modern architecture – both interior and exterior – abounds in London. And it needs beautifully bold furniture to go with it. Furniture in unexpected shapes, colour blocking and pieces that cleverly use pattern can be used to spruce up the interior of your modern space. Here are a few of our favourite bold designs:

Proust Geometrica Armchair

During the late seventies, Alessandro Mendini busied himself with research for a new fabric range for Cassina which was to be a reflection of the work of the literary colossus that is Marcel Proust. Whilst digging up information about the bourgeoisie environment associated with Proust, Mendini came across a copy of a Neo-Baroque style armchair, and had his eureka moment… The result was the Proust Chair – one of the most iconic chair designs of the 20th century – and an extension of the original fabric project. He covered the chair completely with a colourful, hand-painted swarm of dots which reproduced an enlarged section of a Pointillist painting by Paul Signac. The Proust Geometrica is an extension of this range. More of an art piece than a piece of design…


Fumoir Armchairs

Fumoir Armchairs evoke stylish living room furnishings, exemplified by models 118 and 518, that appeared in the twenties. It is inspired by the low back dished armchair of the 18th century, especially suited for the upright sitting position that people assume around a table or in a waiting room.



Dezza Armchair

Dezza Armchair designed by Gio Ponti in 1956, is a light-weight, comfortable and adaptable armchair that has accurately been reproduced in a refined re-edition that enhances its formal beauty and stylistic uniqueness.



Bonnie Armchairs

Bonnie Armchairs reintroduce the wing armchair styling of the 19th century, with their richly finished upholstery. Bonnie is ideal for recreating grand period atmospheres in the home, for executive lounges or reception areas. The seatback, with its diamond-shaped upholstery, and the broad arms, featuring pleats and welts, underscore and enhance the timeless beauty of quality leather.



MYchair is a sculpture in space. The chair is sweeping and expressive with slanting, rounded and straight areas that give way to each other. The base, seat and back of the MYchair lounge chair form a powerful composition. The upholstery traces convex and concave shapes. Intense colours create dynamic duets. The lounge chair is appealing and comfortable and invites you to read, dream and relax. Enjoy the perspective – in your chair which is MYchair.



FK Lounge Chair

FK is a classic and it’s still unmistakable. Its incomparably minimalist style has been appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide for years which is why it has won countless awards since its debut in the sixties. It received the first federal style prize and became a classic.



Grand Repos Chair

Grand Repos Lounge Chair was created in partnership by Vitra and Antonio Citterio, the lounge seating family consisting of Repos and Grand Repos introduce a new degree of seating comfort and flexibility to the home interior: with their generous padding, inviting armrests and high backrest, these elegant swivel-based lounge chairs impart an image of supreme comfort.



Cone Chair and Stool

Unmistakable and unmissable, the Cone Chair and Stools were originally designed for a Danish restaurant based on the classic geometric figure. Cone Chair is mounted on a stainless steel swivel base in such a way that it pivots.



Cloud Bookcase

Sore your things in style. Cloud Bookcase is a modular double front bookrack in white polyethene. The Cloud elements come with two clips allowing multiple units to be joined together.



Platner Lounge Chairs

Get yourself a piece of design history! Warren Platner transformed steel wire into a sculptural furniture collection, thus creating a design icon of the modern era. The Platner chair collection have unique, harmonious forms that are produced by welding curved vertical steel wire rods to circular frames, producing a moiré effect and capturing the decorative, gentle and graceful quality that Platner sought to achieve.