Best Office Booths 2022

When hiring individuals, a modern workplace equally attracts potential employees, as does the salary package. According to recent studies, the office environment, has proven to be an essential factor in terms of consideration when deciding to work at a place or not.

Today, most workplaces look forward to having an open plan structure that they can customize according to their needs. This includes adding shared spaces such as triple and quadruple desking and more small, private areas such as phone or meeting booths. Each of these fully serves its purpose and ensures a dynamic office environment.

So, are you looking to invest in a few office booths for your office? Look no further, as we have selected some of the best for you.


Marea High Back Sofa

The Marea High Back sofa is a unique take on privacy office booths. Its distinctive style with folding back and armrest sides allow flexibility to the user.

You can customize the configurations of the sofa as per your requirement. But let us tell you one thing, it will instantly elevate your space if you have an open office floor plan. This is also the ideal privacy booth for one-on-one meetings employees can conduct outside their usual desks.


On The QT Phone Booth

The On-the-QT phone booth is indeed a head-turner. Made to perfection through intense research, this one is bound to bring a fresh look to your office. It has changed the traditional system of occupying entire meeting rooms or pacing through the hallways for quick private calls.
Employees who go in for a call, in fact, are found staying inside for more extended periods and getting other work done because of the comfort and privacy.

Its out-of-the-box design and colour customizing options help compliment your space and the aesthetic you seek. Its soft interior gives a cosy vibe and a relaxing place to get work done. The desktop has enough space to cater to a few devices and note-taking equipment. The booth has, what the designers call, ‘touchpoints’ that contribute to a next-level user experience.



The Vitra Workbay has changed how traditional rigid workspaces looked like. Its soft-edged circular design offers seclusion to the employee to conduct personal business and keep distractions at bay.

With ample desktop space and high screens to exclude the space from its surroundings, Workbay can be used for several purposes, such as a private working space, video conference room, reading corner, and a place to attend to phone calls. The structure of this booth will blend seamlessly into your office and uplift its overall look.


Key Takeaway For Office Booths !

The benefits of installing private office booths are many; from increased employee productivity to elevated well-being, they are a must-have in a modern workplace. To top it all off, they add to the aesthetic of the workplace. Check out our unique and extensive collection of booths at Apres Furniture; you won’t be disappointed!