Bespoke Office Desks – Just The Ones Your Office Need

Having a standard cubicle is boring and mind-numbing. It doesn’t spark creativity, nor does it help with staying on top of your work efficiently. Having an inviting office space makes the employees feel as if it’s an oasis of their own.

Regardless of the type of organisation, entering the workplace should make one happy and not feel dreaded. This is where office furniture has the ultimate role to play.

A bespoke office desk, in particular, will add a unique charm to the space while also making the employee feel eager to start their day. Since it’s a customised piece, it adds more personalisation to the office.

Here are our picks of some of the best bespoke office desks that will uplift your working environment. Check them out!


Ola Executive Office Desk

The Ola Executive Office Desk has several hours of research work surrounding aesthetics and functionality behind it. To be fair, this bespoke office desk has a solid personality to it, given its versatility.

It is a distinctive yet modern desk that works as an ideal executive office desk and will leave a lasting impression. Ola has a sculptural value since it has an organic shape adding more charisma to the working environment.

You can customise the desktop in multiple finishes, and a handful of base finishes are also available. With this variety of styles, you can combine any two to make a unique piece of your own.


Custom Marquetry Tables

The Custom Marquetry Tables boast the art of carefully inlaying wooden veneers that form beautiful decorative patterns. With the option to choose multiple or single veneers, you can get this marquetry table in several designs with different shapes and sizes.

This bespoke office desk is certainly a head-turner and will impress your clients and guests. You are at liberty to customise it in any shape and size and specify any other personalisation you want to add.


Concrete Reception Desk

This statement Concrete Reception Desk, will aptly reflect your office ethos and professionalism. With a customised design and size, this desk will add substance to any room it is placed in.

Our designers employ unique sculpting techniques that seamlessly result in any shape you desire. Styrofoam is one key tool!

A mixture of concrete and sand gives the right balance and texture to the desk, and finally, the polish adds the perfect finish. This desk is fitted with access points for cable management of useful office equipment.

Don’t want a raw desktop finish? You can also ask for a leather or glass top for your table while maintaining its originality.


Key Takeaway For Bespoke Office Desks!

A bespoke office desk is the one to go with if you are seeking furniture pieces that match your work aesthetic and environment. At Apres Furniture, we take pride in offering the ultimate customisable solutions. With a professional design team ready to serve you, all we wait for is for you to reach out to us.