Benefits Of High Office Desk

Since the human body has to be in motion every time, it cannot adjust to a sedentary environment, especially during long working hours. While most of us are working more than 6 hours a day, sitting in a constant position is nothing but dangerous to our health.

With the risks of numerous diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, this habit can easily be devastating for our bodies.

This is where the use of high office desks comes in.

They are made to prevent your back from experiencing health problems. Continue to read this post ahead to learn why you should only have a high-standing office desk in your office.


Reduces Back Pain

Employees working in an office space complain incessantly of backaches and soreness. It is not just due to psychological factors but also physical ones.

According to studies, high desks are highly beneficial for employees who experience chronic back discomfort. The Disease Control Centre also researched how standing desks can lower back pain and neck discomfort by up to 54 % in only four weeks. Our Tyde height adjustable desk is the ideal solution to perfectly counter this situation.


Improves Well-Being

During seven-week research, users of height-adjustable workstations reportedly felt less tension and strain than those who worked sitting all day.

In addition, it is noted that when individuals use these high-stand desks, they feel more encouraged and motivated. The mundane low-height workstations often result in lesser motivation and more stress. Our X12 adjustable desk is the ideal option in this scenario.


Increases Productivity

One most significant fear for individuals not used to the high-standing office desk is that they cannot perform everyday tasks such as typing on the desktop.

Nevertheless, among individuals who have effectively switched to using high-stand desks, there hasn’t been a noticeable difference in their capacity to carry out the same activities. It even includes regular use of their PCs. Therefore, it is nothing but a misconception.

Check out our Triass desks that help increase productivity because of their modular system.


Lowers The Chances Of Heart Diseases

Since it was first suggested in 1953, this idea is not new. According to research comparing them to bus drivers, bus conductors had a lower chance of dying from heart disease-related reasons than their sedentary peers controlling the wheels. This study inspired a growing body of research on how sitting affects blood vessel function.

It is currently thought that spending a lot of time sitting might raise one’s risk of heart disease by as much as 147%. Even an hour of strenuous exercise cannot counteract the damaging consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. Our X-table desk breaks the norms of a sedentary lifestyle. Its ergonomic design ensures daily flexibility.


Key Takeaway Of High Office Desks!

There is no denying that high office desks have immeasurable benefits. So, it is essential to have these in your offices too. If you are looking for the best designs for the high office desk, check out Apres Furniture and find your type so you can renovate your office to enjoy the many benefits associated with the use of high office desks.