Are You Sitting Comfortably On Your Office Chair?

If you sit for a long time at work, then you’ll understand the importance of finding the right modern office chair. Sitting sounds easy but it can put a lot of pressure on your lumber area, which could result in health problems. Choosing a chair with all the right ergonomic qualities will help you feel more comfortable, protect your back and make you free to continue your work and be more productive.

Ergonomic chair features include:

• Stability – the chair must be sturdy and a five-point base is ideal.

• Backs – good backs must be adjustable both vertically and forwards and backwards too. It also must have solid lumbar support.

• Chair depth – the depth must suit a tall person or a shorter person with their feet reaching the floor comfortably.

• Settings – height must be adjustable.

• Armrest – this is useful for computer operators and must also be adjustable.

• Swivel – the chair must be easily rotated to allow the user to reach the desk area without excessive stretching.

• Headrest – not all seats are equipped with this option, but if you have neck problems, the headrest will ease the burden supported by your neck.

Ergonomic chairs are designed for all types of users but one size won’t fit all. A chair might also be suitable for a variety of different activities, however, a chair is really only ergonomic when it matches the dimensions of the user’s body, work station, and job function.

Supporting your lower back with an ergonomic chair is essential for lumbar health. The spine has an inward curve and remaining stationary for a long time with little support can cause a hunchback position which in turn makes the lower back structure tense.

Another consideration when looking at office chairs is the material choice. Ideally, a chair must have enough cushion to be comfortable and a fabric that can breathe. Chair mechanisms control how chairs and their backrests move, with two types most commonly found. The multi-function mechanism has the widest adjustment range because the back and seat adjust independently. This allows for a greater range of variable positions. The Synchro-Tilt seat mechanism will have a rear position and a connected seat which means that when you tilt the back seat, the seat cushion will adjust as well. Due to the more limited range of positions, this mechanism is not as ergonomic as a multi functional chair.

Ergonomic chairs are available for all budgets, whether you’re looking for a mid-range solution to deck out a complete office or wanting to invest in a luxury, executive seat for management or meetings. You’ll find options in leather, fabric upholstered or designed with the very latest in mesh technology. Other exciting features of contemporary office seating include 3D armrests, dynamic mechanisms and adjustable headrests for the ultimate in workplace comfort.