Are Custom Office Desks Worth The Investment?

In the office environment, a custom desk can be supplied to match the colours, size and other needs specific to your office. Instead of making an order for standard-sized desks from a supplier, businesses can find affordable custom desks to fit the unique requirements of employees and processes at their premises. Whether you have space limitations or mobility concerns, custom-designed desks can make the workplace more comfortable for your employees and more attractive to any visitors that come.


What are the benefits to your company?

There is no doubt that an employee who feels comfortable in their place of work is more likely to be productive. The comfort they need comes from having a desk that is easy to use, incorporates practical functions and has an air of style. Custom desks designed to meet the specific criteria of your office space can contribute to the creation of environments that get the very best out of your employees. Furthermore, you know that first impressions count. When potential customers visit your office, you need to ensure that your company is more appealing than the nearest competitor if you are to secure their custom. Whether you are their first port of call, or they have already visited a competitor, the office that offers interesting alternatives to the everyday desks and grey cube-farms of an average office is likely to leave a lasting impression, and this is good for business.


Where does a custom desk come from?

 There is an ever-growing demand for ergonomic, bespoke workspaces, and Apres Furniture aims to provide the right custom desk for your needs. The cottage industry of custom office furniture is taking off like never before, and it is the sign of a quality supplier that this is incorporated in their portfolio. Whether you are looking to make a small order or need a larger batch of matching custom desks, you are sure to find the options you need in what Apres Furniture has to offer.


Is that much more expensive?

 In a word…no. Not significantly.

Mass-produced products do use various imported components in an effort to cut manufacturing costs, but the overhead and shipping fees are always rolled into the market price. When you buy an office desk, you are paying for everything from warehouse storage to employee benefits, so each desk is priced economically for the supplier. When you purchase custom office desks like the Kyo Olmo Executive Office Desk, the materials and labour may be more expensive, but the price per unit is often not much higher than the mass-produced alternative.


The bottom line

 There is a growing awareness of the potential health effects of desk-bound jobs. And the space in a company’s premises will not always be best used by filling it with standard-sized desks. The custom desk is an investment, and what you pay up front could easily see returns in the productivity, engagement and satisfaction of your employees for many years to come. If you feel that custom desks would be beneficial to your office, have a look at the options at Apres Furniture.