All About Contemporary Office Stools

One of the essential parts of office furniture is the seating. You have to ensure that your employees are comfortable while they work in the office all day. Inappropriate seating arrangements can lead to numerous health problems, which is certainly not something a good boss would want for their employees.

Apart from comfort, another critical aspect to bear in mind while investing in office furniture is its aesthetic appeal. The contemporary office stools at Apres don’t just provide a comfortable seat for your employees, they are attractive and elegant, promising to enhance your office look.

Let us take a look at some of our contemporary office stools that add a subtle touch of refinement to your office space.


X3 Bar Stools

X3 Bar Stools, part of the X3 Chair Collection, is a revolutionary piece of furniture distinguished by the transparency of its single shell seat and back with a reticular pattern. It is a sleek stool that can manage to add taste to any space it is added to.


Zeb Stool

Modern bar stools are frequently disappointing as they’re merely an expansion of a pre-existing seating variety. However, our skilled designers created each component with unrivalled accuracy in high stools of outstanding quality for a range of environments.

The Zeb Stools column sleeve is available in four different colours or chrome and can be mixed for each seat to produce a range of distinct looks.

Zeb Stools swivel and alter in height, allowing users to find their ideal seated posture. This stool is a wonderfully designed and well-produced line of modern bar stools that serves the utmost comfort to the user while giving your office a more polished look.


Turtle Bar Stool

The Turtle Bar Stool was designed by a renowned London design team and has received an IF Product Design Award.

The Turtle collection minimizes the outside bucket. The inner supporting bucket gives firm support, while the footrest continues the sweeping lines perfectly. The swivel base might be a flat base plate or a trumpet foot.

The exterior shell is available in white or black plastic, with fabric or leather coverings as options. Other colours are available for a fee upon request. These unique and elegant stools are available in two sizes; this one-of-a-kind stool is super comfortable and one-of-a-kind of sophistication to your workplace.


Young Boy Stool

Young Boy Stool has a swivel structure in die-cast polished or stove enamelled aluminium, a removable seat in Viennese cane, ”panno” leather, plywood, or black leather, and a frame in lateral ash, stained cherry-wood, or stained ebony. It is a perfect addition to your office, giving it a refined and elegant look while providing a comfortable means of sitting.



At Apres, we aim to make your workplace your haven; our furniture is useful and practical and never fails to transform and revamp your office look. Go through the extensive collection of beautiful furniture on our website and find something that would be the perfect fit for your office.