Advantages Of Pathogen Testing Booths

From schools and colleges to company conference halls, many buildings across the UK are being converted into hubs for issuing the COVID-19 vaccine. Built-for-purpose pathogen testing booths are now available that are fully adaptable and easy to install, offering a hygienic environment that’s perfect for administering doses of the vaccine. Below, we look at the key features of these solutions and how those who use them can benefit.

A safe and socially distanced area

Pathogen testing booths provide an easily accessible space for COVID-19 vaccinations to be issued. Free-standing, they have been carefully designed to create enough room for social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus on-site and offer an area that is entirely safe for all involved in the vaccination programme.

Easy to clean

Manufactured using Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) and employing a simplistic design, these units are exceptionally easy to maintain and keep free from pathogens. MFC is both waterproof and scratchproof, making it an excellent material for the booths.

Modular designs

These booths for pathogen testing boast a modular design which makes them not only easy to install but exceptionally flexible. They can be customised to suit your additional needs with a wide range of different designs that can be easily connected to cope with specific requirements for administering COVID-19 jabs.

Simple to install and uninstall, the pathogen testing booths are perfect when you only need to use them temporarily. After vaccinations are complete, the booths can be disassembled and easily stored until they are next required, allowing hosts to reclaim the space in between sessions.

Structural strength

The booths use steel corner fixtures, ensuring they are robust and provide a strong solution that can be relied upon.

Additional features

These innovative booths have a number of features to enhance safety measures and improve functionality. An aperture is included that comes complete with a protective Perspex screen. Work surfaces are available on either side of the booth and a mirror is fixed into position to assist in the completion of the RNA test.

Available in a range of finishes

The pathogen booths are also offered in a wide range of finishes with MFC surfaces, including autumn cherry, beech, ash, and English walnut, among others.

Purpose-built solutions for COVID-19 vaccination

For an in-depth look at these innovative solutions, you can read more about pathogen testing booths or contact us today with your specific requirements.