Add Life To Your Lunch Breaks With These Breakout Furniture Options

Lunch breaks can be a great time to recharge, refresh and refocus for the remainder of the day. However, for many employees, lunch breaks can often be a time to simply eat and sit in a dull, uninspiring environment. This can lead to boredom and a lack of motivation.

Breakout furniture is important because it can help improve employee well-being, encourage collaboration during recess, and impact overall work culture.

If you want to add excitement to your lunch breaks, do not underestimate the power of incorporating breakout furniture options into your office or workplace.

Here are some ways you achieve that.


Comfortable and Relaxing Seating


Choose Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide comfort and support to the body, making them the perfect choice for a relaxing lunch break.

You can also invest in chairs that have adjustable lumbar support and a comfortable cushion to ensure you can sit comfortably and take a load off during your lunch break.


Invest in Lounge Seating

Lounge seating provides a cosy and comfortable space for employees to relax and unwind during lunch breaks. Our X3.3 chairs are elegantly streamlined with ergonomic upholstery and look super stylish.

You can customize it in any colour per your office aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to your workplace.


Multifunctional and Innovative Tables


Consider a Height-Adjustable Table

Height-adjustable tables provide versatility and functionality, allowing employees to sit or stand as they work or enjoy their lunch. You can explore tables that are easy to adjust, ensuring employees can find the perfect height for their needs.


Add a Folding Table

A folding table can provide a temporary workspace during lunch breaks, allowing employees to spread out and enjoy their lunch comfortably.

Our Yuno Stacking Table, for example, is easy to store when not in use. This helps maximize the use of space in the office or workplace.


Engaging and Fun Games


Add a Table Tennis Table

A few friendly games cannot hurt anybody. In fact, they add to the excitement of work.

Table tennis is a fun and engaging game that can be enjoyed during lunch breaks. A table tennis table provides employees with a fun way to relieve stress and bond with their colleagues.


Invest in a Foosball Table

Foosball is a classic game that provides a fun and competitive way to enjoy lunch breaks. A foosball table is a great addition to any office or workplace, providing employees with a fun and engaging activity during their lunch breaks.


Key Takeaway For Breakout Furniture!

Breakout furniture helps provide employees with a much-needed escape from the stress and monotony of work. So, why not make the most of your lunch breaks and start enjoying a more exciting and engaging environment today?

Whatever type of breakout furniture option you’re looking for, Apres Furniture has it for you. Our furniture pieces are comfortable, innovative, and, most important of all, multifunctional. Work with our design experts and explore the possibilities of making your workplace exciting.