Acoustic Wall Panels Benefits For Your Office

A comfortable office is about more than fancy seating and organised workstations. The best offices take all aspects of the building into consideration to create the best environment for employees.

Sound is one aspect that is often overlooked when planning the interior of an office. You may not realise it, but sound plays a large role in employee wellbeing, so it is important that you think about this just as much as you may think about chairs or desks during your office design. Noise pollution in the workplace could be a major distraction to employees and may even lead to the development of stress.

Acoustic panels are designed to absorb much of the everyday noise within an office and improve the level of sound for all employees. The panels are made of insulating material that is designed to trap sound waves and control reverberations in smaller spaces. Acoustic wall panels decrease the volume of noise in an enclosed space and stop echoing.

What are the benefits of acoustic wall panels?

Improve stress levels with acoustic panels

Loud environments, especially work environments, have been linked to heightened stress. Noise triggers the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) from the amygdala in the brain, which generates the stress response. If this is experienced for prolonged periods of time, the stress may start to become chronic or turn into other health issues.

Reducing noise levels is the best way to oppose this effect and prevent the development of the stress response. Minimising stress will lead to better overall well being of employees, which will ultimately result in better workplace morale and productivity.

Physical safety

In busy workplace environments, it is important that employees can easily hear instructions and can clearly tell, through hearing, what is in their surroundings. This enables staff to take care as they walk through the office and to avoid any accidents.

Loud noise may make it difficult for employees to hear people that may be coming from behind them or listen to important instructions from other members of staff. By reducing noise levels with acoustic wall panels, this problem can be easily fixed.

Increase productivity

Noise from other employees, music or mobile phones can be incredibly distracting for those employees who are trying to do their work. Even the slightest background noise can shift our attention from tasks at hand, causing employees to spend more time than they need focusing away from work.

Implementing acoustic wall panels into your office could limit noise distractions and improve productivity. It will also make it easier for staff to take phone calls without interrupting the focus of those around them.

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