Acoustic Baffles: The Ultimate Way To Sound-Proof Any Space

Are you looking for a way to soundproof your office space? Fed up of overhearing conversations or finding the music in the office located above highly distracting? There are more reasons than one as to why you may decide that it’s time to take serious action to block out external noises in the work environment. Acoustic baffles are an economic, convenient and tested method of creating a sound-proof environment, free of any distractions.

What is an acoustic baffle?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of an acoustic baffle, and you’ve found yourself pretty baffled. Simply put, it’s a constructed device usually made of melamine foam. They are used to block out external noises as well as help speech intelligibility. Offering great design and versatility, they can be hung from any ceiling.

How do sound baffles work?

The free-hanging sound absorption devices work to block out reverberating noise in any large spaces, making them particularly useful for large office spaces. Sound naturally reflects off hard surfaces and continues to echo as a result. More often than not this can lead to annoying levels of unwanted sound. Acoustic baffles can also be used as wall panels to combat sound problems. They actively absorb noise, decreasing it overall in any space that they are used.

What type of acoustic baffle should I buy?

Dependent on the space in which you use acoustic baffles, you’ll want to consider the different options. There are plenty of acoustic baffles that look very pleasing aesthetically; however, you’ll want to consider what works for the environment in which you intend to use them. Hanging baffles work well in large spaces, such as communal areas, hallways and high-ceiling spaces. Whereas, if you’re working with a smaller space, a couple of wall pieces may do the trick.

What are the different styles of acoustic baffle?

From eye-catching art inspired acoustic baffles to super sleek modern types, there are plenty of designs to choose from depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve or keep in-line with. If you’re going for a more classy look, why not consider a wooden acoustic panel for your environment? Or, if you’re searching for acoustic baffles for an artistic community centre, for example, go for something a little more bold with character.

There are lots of reasons to consider acoustic baffles for your work environment. These simple devices are great for offering a practical solution to soundproofing and double up as beautiful design pieces too. To find out more, browse Apres Furniture today.