A Compact Office Chair – Small But Beautifully Formed

When office space is at a premium – or you need to create an occasional work station with a minimal footprint – finding a compact office chair can feel like a compromise.

You’re probably hunting for office seating that’s easy to move around too, and that slots under work surfaces; small enough to be unobtrusive and out of the way.

The natural inclination is to start ticking off what you’re prepared to sacrifice to get an office chair that’s low key. For example, you may assume that you can do away with it being supportive and strong, as it won’t be used for prolonged periods.

Don’t sacrifice comfort for size!

Fortunately, contemporary office furniture designers and manufacturers understand that ‘compact’ can still mean packed with excellent features. If you need a versatile but minor work area on your premises, or you’re tight for space in general in your business, there are some excellent ‘low key’ chairs for modern offices.

Take for example the Ahrend 220 Chair , with its scientifically proportioned structure and simple to use ‘control button’. It may not be a big office chair, but it’s big on adjustability and postural integrity. It’s even great for sustainable offices!

Purposeful compact chairs

Much depends on the function of your compact office chair. For example, if you need reception seating that doesn’t take up too much space, something like the snug Roc Easy Chair designed by Uwe Fischer is ideal. It’s very attractive and easy to move around, but it loses no comfort and support benefits in its design.

That chair can be used in reception areas, meeting rooms or to sit in to work too. Whereas the Cobra Swing and Tablet is all about business! It’s a great example of a compact chair for visitors or meeting delegates to use, but also offers with perfect posture to operate devices in ergonomic comfort.

If you tend to have a lot of visitors for training courses or meetings – or run events of some sort at your premises – you may need a large consignment of compact chairs that are even more unobtrusive. Don’t be fooled into thinking that stackable chairs are always bland and generic!

For instance, you don’t get more eye-catching and individual than award-winning Spoleto Cantilever Chairs. They could say a lot about you as a company, before being discretely packed away to make space.

For more on great things that can come in small sizes, browse our comprehensive – and stunning – office chair range.