5 Top Qualities Of A Receptionist

Your receptionist operates as both the administrative backbone and the customer-consulting front of your organisation. The most effective receptionists are well-organised, with a broad range of generalist technical abilities, emotional intelligence, and the ability to oversee several jobs.

This piece will indulge you with the five top qualities a receptionist should have and how Après Furniture can help elevate the class of your office.



If someone wants to work as a receptionist, they must have exceptional patience. The job of a receptionist is undoubtedly not for temperamental or easily irritated people. In the process of carrying out their job, a receptionist will interact with many people from various backgrounds. Each of these individuals will have a unique personality and way of interacting. Some guests may be extremely challenging to manage due to their attitude or difficulty comprehending straightforward directions or explanations.

For this reason and to offer comfort, consider investing in the Pixel Task Chair, made exactly for those who have to tussle through the day.


Listening Skills

A receptionist must have excellent listening skills in order to perform their work flawlessly. This is crucial because, with effective listening skills, the receptionist can assist visitors in achieving their goals for visiting the office or provide sufficient answers to their queries.

It may seem an easy job to the person outside the reception desk, but the receptionist has a lot on their plate, and to keep everything at a single workstation, they need some room. The Linea Reception Desk, therefore, would serve as the right fit for a receptionist to use for their day-to-day tasks.



Maintaining order is a professional discipline. A receptionist should be organised and able to keep their workspace spotless at all times. To give clients and visitors a good impression of the company or organisation, the front desk and the entire reception area should always be immaculate. The Song Storage Cabinets can be used to put the files away without causing any clutter.



Receptionists sometimes juggle several tasks at once since they have several specific responsibilities. These can entail managing call traffic while operating a busy reception area, answering incoming calls, screening callers and much more. Receptionists may also assist with particular projects that need word processing and Internet research. They may also help other administrative employees with routine overflow work. Hence, your receptionist must be skilled at handling various jobs without becoming overwhelmed.

In addition, while the receptionist deals with one visitor at a time, you can put the lovely Sopha Modular in front of the reception desk for others to wait comfortably while seated.


Technical Skills

Any receptionist should feel at ease operating copiers, printers, and phone systems. In addition, word processing proficiency is essential, while having knowledge of Excel, social networking, or sector-specific applications might be helpful. With Sedus Reception Desks, they can manage a great deal without feeling overwhelmed.


Key Takeaway For Receptionist!

At Apres Furniture, we have all the solutions for your reception needs. Once you reach out, our experienced professionals will be glad to assist with your requirements and offer bespoke office furniture solutions.