5 Things You Didn’t Know About Soundproof Pods

Are you wondering why you should invest in soundproof pods? Yes, they give you space for private meetings in a workplace full of people and noise, but what else?

What is so special about them that everybody keeps talking about them, over and over again?

Crafted with a separate indoor office plan in mind, soundproof pods come in handy more than once. You can get in there when wanting to take a call from your family, or need some personal space as you sort out the very big project handed to you. They are to be used for privacy, without any factor ruining the purpose it was built for.

Here are five things you didn’t know before about soundproof pods.


The Soundproofing Superpower

Soundproof pods completely block noise from the outside. Some have walls with soundproofing fabric that can absorb up to forty-five decibels, making it completely silent within the pod. It depends from product to product, and doors could also be of insulated glass, further enhancing its quality.


Light Up the Whole Room

If you are worried that with all these four walls encasing you, light from the outside of the pod would be obstructed, it might happen based on its design.

However, pods have their own in-built LED lights to brighten up the place, and you wouldn’t have to work in a dark room, but rather in an illuminated space where you can work happily without straining your eyes.


Sockets for Your Devices

Might it have struck you that meeting in soundproof pods also means disconnecting from the outer world? That would also include the sockets and electricity needed to charge your gadgets.

Lucky for you, sockets are another add-on feature of a soundproof pod. So, during the middle of a meeting, you wouldn’t have to worry about a battery running low or putting a call on hold till you find a power outlet.


One Place to Another

Our soundproof pods are movable, like the Zen Phone Booth. Their mobility comes in handy when it is time to reassemble the entire pod and make more room after its use is done. Instead of becoming a hassle and immovable item standing in the middle of the room and taking up space, you can remove the whole thing with a few simple steps. And that is, without breaking any sweat, guaranteed.


Breathable Air, Just For You

Any person who feels overwhelmed with their workload needs fresh air every so often. These soundproof pods have excellent ventilation systems. Clean air in an enclosed space is a true blessing. It keeps the mind sharp so that you function at your optimal speed.

Soundproof pods are not someplace difficult to work. On the contrary, they were designed for the user’s needs when seeking a private space to work.


Key Takeaway For Soundproof Pods!

Now that you are aware of the basic features of working in soundproof pods, it is time to get one for your office. With an exceptional sound-blocking mechanism, necessary add-ons, and a ventilation system you probably didn’t know about before, it would be a perfect addition to your already perfect office plan. Our hard-working team at Après Furniture ensures you get professional consultation when purchasing soundproof pods for your workspace.