5 Modern Office Booths

The rise of spacious office spaces has raised the modern styling game a level higher, giving designers a blank canvas to display their creativity. While elegance and aesthetics were the primary concern for offices, today, it has taken a step ahead. The masterminds, today, do not pay heed to what the office space looks like, but to how it can be utilized. The aim is to help employees and foster their well-being.

Office booths, in this case, are the best furniture to add to your workspace. They do not just give private space to the employees, but also help them focus on the task by keeping them away from distractions.

Here are the 5 types of cutting-edge office booths you should add to your organization.


CleanSpace Phone Booth

The CleanSpace Phone Booth is specially designed to give you absolute peace and comfort. Along with the sleek design and elegant look, it comes with clean air technology, which aids the employees in showing their best potential. It not just eradicates all the distractions but also gives a constant relief from all the dust allergies. It has an additional feature of a ventilation system which helps reduce the air’s bacteria.


Penelope Phone Booth

If you are looking for a unique touch to your office, the Penelope Phone Booth suits your type. This private call booth not only helps the employees take private phone and video calls but is also upgraded with some extra features. These features include a perch, a double-sided glass, and power data if someone needs to charge their devices. It is the best fit for offices that need private spaces to evade ambient noises and distractions.


Hush Phone Booth

If you want to add a touch of royalty to your office, the Hush Phone Booth is the best option for you. It has a nano-coating with an airy environment, along with motion-sensor ventilation and LED lighting to radiate the best aura. The royal colours of this booth give a luxurious touch to the office, and its cost-effectiveness adds to the benefits.


Spacio Phone Booths

The Spacio Phone Booths provides a comfortable place for an employee looking for a peaceful environment. It has glazed glass windows and straight screen panels that are supported by a clear hinged door to provide comfort. Additionally, it is easy to install, thus, you can easily relocate it.


Lohko Box 1 Phone Booth

Made with a sleek design and plain look, the Lohko Box 1 Phone Booth perfectly fits modern aesthetics. It has a perfect sound with a perfect space that helps you get a peaceful environment in the office, whenever you need it.


Key Takeaway On Modern Office Booths!

Office Booths are a must-have in every organization, especially if you want the employees to work at their best potential. They keep the employees away from distractions that bring the best thoughts out of them. If you want to explore more options, scroll through the wide variety at Apres Furniture.