4 Myths About Soundproof Pods Debunked

An employee’s first experience with a soundproof pod is quite understandable. From the outside, they see a peculiar room-in-room situation going on. The space, with its comfortable seating arrangements, is nice, but how come the walls are soundproof? This disbelief is the first thought that comes to mind. The small room does not have sockets— “what do they expect me to do when my laptop runs out of battery”?

Myths are legends that can be proved wrong. The soundproof pods at Après Furniture are stark evidence of all the false myths about them.

Continue to read this post ahead as we debunk 4 common myths about soundproof prods.


They Can’t Be Soundproof, Can They?

Yes, they are soundproof. Depending on their configuration and manufacturing, some pods may absorb more decibels than others, but all pods are built to block out noise. With the latest collection of soundproof pods, no one at your office has to now worry about messing up the task at hand because of too many distractions.

In addition, office pods, like the Kubus meeting pod, are great for hanging out with your colleagues to maybe work on a project or to have a quick brainstorming session. This way, you would not be disturbed, nor would you be disturbing those outside the pod.


How Would I Charge My Devices?

Worry not! Office pods come with all the elements needed to plug in your devices and carry on without interruptions. For instance, the Hana acoustic phone booth is a tasteful choice to work with appliances in a room to yourself.

With that, and the LED lights brightening up the space, straining your eyes in the dark will not become an issue. The fix of this add-on feature of both illuminance and sockets is satisfactory for employees who use their phones, laptops, or tablets often, with the note-making part of the paperwork. They can perform both these activities sufficiently in solitude.


I don’t believe it’s movable!

This myth sounds reasonable when you look at the structure of the soundproof pods. Much like camping and setting up tents, the job of collapsing and reconstructing is too tedious to be true.

But that is the thing. It is not a hassle at all for soundproof pods. On the contrary, the design and material used to manufacture these were specially considered for relocation purposes. Lightweight material yet soundproof qualities are a combo we would not have believed a few decades ago.


Suffocation Would Drive Me Out

When new employees come on board, the first impression they have about seeing a soundproof pod is that it would suffocate them since it is usually thought that breathing is often difficult in congested places.

So, if a sinking feeling settles in, how would they breathe in such a place? To debunk this myth, it’s important to learn that soundproof pods are equipped with excellent ventilation systems. They allow you to take a breather just like you would be at ease, if you were outside the pod.


Key Takeaway For Soundproof Pods!

If the employees within your workspace still have any myths that they believe are true about using soundproof pods, it’s time that you invest in a couple and debunk all their thoughts. Consult our team at Après Furniture to learn about the latest prices and delivery times.