4 Modern Boardroom Tables For Your Office

Your office boardroom must not be taken lightly. The most significant strategic decisions are taken there, and to be fair, they can be affected by the environment they are made in both positive and negative ways. And, of course, you want the former.

Everyone must be given the right impression, from clients to contacts, because it reflects the business environment and professionalism at the end of the day.

So, let us help you pick the right boardroom furniture for the most valuable investors and other key stakeholders.


State Conference Table

You can never go wrong with the evergreen State Conference Table. Available in multiple top finishes, this one will be a timeless piece of furniture in your boardroom.

The entire range is made from the best quality materials, and the artisans carefully craft each piece to finish it to perfection. It is easy to assemble and move around and does not require much exertion. You can use one half of the circle table or combine it together for more space. Its convenience and versatility allow for the State Conference Table to be brought to use in many ways.


SerenadeSE Conference Table

The wood top and other metal finishes of the SerenadeSE Conference Table are exemplary. Since you can customize this conference table to your aesthetics, you can make it look classy and unique.

It is stylish and sleek and has integrated technology. Presentations and video conferencing are hassle-free with the SerenadeSE Conference Table.


Ray Meeting Table

Our Ray Meeting Tables are available in several shapes. Ask for circular, quadrant, angular, rectangular, or even curved; it can be made in any shape and size.

Connecting and communicating with the media system and the people sitting at the table is easy.

The Ray Meeting Tables have thin-walled die-cast aluminium legs that also hide the electrical wires running through the table for functionality. The table’s stability or versatility in the design is not compromised at all!


Palette Conference Table

As the name suggests, the Palette Conference Table is originally a round table with a big hole in between. Since it is assembled as such with a few separate tables, you can create a handful of configurations with it. From straight rows to oval to horseshoe, this table is truly versatile in what it offers.

The table legs come equipped with extension elements that can be moved around without any hassle. You can customize an electrical system within the table for a cleaner, sleeker look.


Key Takeaway For Boardroom Tables!

While choosing the right piece of furniture for your boardroom is challenging, our client service experts at Apres Furniture make it easier than ever. Our professionals and the ability to customize every piece you like are the best combinations. You can easily turn around a space or add value to it. Let us help you out!