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Bionic Office Chairs range is a new generation of swivel chairs. Adopting an incorrect seating posture causes manifold health problems resulting in huge financial losses in developed countries through missed work days.

Bionic Ergonomic Task Chairs automoatically detects the user’s weight and responds automatically, adjusting the backrest counterpressure to optimal levels every time, providing outstanding ergonomic support.

Another innovative feature of Bionic Office Chairs is the automatic depth adjustment of the lumbar support which is controlled by the movement profile of this modern office chair. This is known as automatic lordossis depth adjustment and guarantees that the backrest adopts the ideal shape at all times giving the user the right level of support.

A holistically designed contemporary office chair, Bionic has the ability to lower the front edge of the seat. This helps relieve pressure on the thighs, ensuring better blood flow; the front edge points further downward in accordance with the amount the user leans back in the chair. The seat depth is regulated automatically.

The comfortable high backrest (56cm) has a 10cm height-adjustment range which can easily be adjusted while sitting.

The Bionic Office Chair seat and backrest cushions can be changed without the use of tools, making them environmentally and service-friendly at the same time. All of the adjustment levers are integrated into the design.

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