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Beatnik Sound Station Chair

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Beatnik Sound Station Chair by designers Luka Stepan and Domen Gazvoda features a high quality Bose 2.1 speaker system with an integrated subwoofer under the seating area. The satellite speakers are located at the upper front part of this high back armchair, creating an high-tech system that connects to your mobile, tablet or laptop computer wirelessly using Bluetooth or Apple´s AirPlay technology for agile working in the office or relaxing.

Beatnik High Back Chair was designed for a variety of different modes of sitting, enabling you to choose your favorite position according to your mood, activity or occasion. Ideal for private working in the office, with its high back acoustic design, Beatnik is made from a quality plywood construction using precision CNC machining ensuring excellent carrying capacity and stability, while three different foam densities are used optimally – softer on the seating area and backrest, harder on the outer shell.

Beatnik Communication Chair lets you communicate and make conference calls hands-free using the built-in iPad mount. The cocoon shaped chair isolates sound from the surrounding space, ensuring privacy.

Beatnik Sound Station Chair is a fusion of high technology and furniture that creates a unique seating experience for agile working or time out from day-to-day office work.

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