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Barbari Bench Desks offer simple layers in multiple composition possibilities for an open plan office environment. The combination of tables, cabinets and panels in this program are all designed in an integrated language.

Increasing amounts of research have proved that a fully open work area creates greater stress and limits the ability of employees to concentrate on their own tasks. Barbari Bench Desks present the option of a modular desking system that can easily be assembled and disassembled;

The design’s inherent qualities are presented through the use of alternative finishes of screens and frames. As well as expressing the difference of each element of the structure, unifying all elements with a single colour in line with your company’s branding is always an option.

Barbari Bench Desks are rectangular and the combinations can vary from a single desk to two, four or six person bench systems.

Barbari is a progression on the idea of the “frame and desktop” relationship. The structure of the system has an expressive language presenting all typically concealed details as a part of the design’s aesthetic. The desktop, corner detail and frame profile present a graphic language expressing their symbiotic relationship despite the available use of different combinations of colour and finish. The same idea is followed above the desktop which serves both as a division screen and as a personal storage space through using flat clip-on trays.

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