Balance Height Adjustable Desk

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Balance Height Adjustable Desk is a beautifully poised adjustable office workstation solution. A modern sit-stand desk for today’s open plan office. 

Even the best office chair money can buy will not solve the problem of fatigue and stress on the body if we sit down at work for 8 hours solid. According to the manufacturer’s studies, 70% of employees complain about physical discomfort in office.

As the name suggests, Balance Height Adjustable Desk allows the user to stretch his or her legs whenever they wish to, whilst continuing to work, thanks to electronic or manual height adjustment technology. This function increases productivity, directly benefiting any company who introduces the Balance Desk into their contemporary open office space.

There are a significant number of modular options in the Balance System for you to choose from. Height adjustable single desks, double desks and adjustable height bench desks are available. Storage is taken care of via the sideboards with secure locks, with the option of cable management, cushions, and side panels.  Power modules can be integrated so you can charge your devices from a clean and tidy surface, as well as neat holding units for your computers.

Screen dividers can be used to provide partitioning and private workstations, and a variety of wood and colour finishes are available to customise and provide the right balance of colour.

The height adjustment range on Balance Desk System is 630mm – 1280mm (electric) and 640mm – 980mm (crank handle).

Sit or stand?  It’s up to all of you.  Achieve the Balance so your workforce doesn’t begin to wobble…

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