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Ally S06 Sectional Seating

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Ally S06 Sectional Seating is an easy-chair/sofa where the chairs can be used individually or linked together.

Ally Chairs contain moulded polyurethane foam with an inner frame of styrofoam and wood. Ally’s frame is made of stainless steel with built in magnetic linking for easy connecting/disconnectiong.

Create your own custom made soft seating solution for reception, breakout areas and informal lounge areas in your office. Mixing and contrasting the colours that the Ally Seating range has to offer will be fun and provide a vibrant and contemporary aesthetic.

Arrange your own Ally way of soft seating. Chairs, sofas, linear or scattered about. It’s your choice.

Ally S06 Sectional Seating (mm):

Seat height 380
Overall height 670
Overall width 600
Seat depth 500
Overall depth 850
Weight, kg 9,4

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