Air Acoustic Pods

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Air Acoustic Pods allow for the creation of flexible unfixed privacy rooms ranging from one person acoustic minipods to large office meeting pods.

For more information please contact us on 020 7721 7914  or visit the Air3 Office Meeting Pods website.


A six step fail safe system, all designed to cut power to the pod. The actuators require no power to open, they release through a mechanical spring release:

01/ Integrated smoke detector cuts power to the pod & opens the roof

02/ Integrated heat detector cuts power to the pod and open the roof

03/ PIR opens the roof when not in use during the day & also equally important at night

04/ Removal or failure of the smoke detector cuts the power to the pods and open the roof

05/ Optional connection tot he building fire board. In the event of a fire alarm power is cut to the pod opening the roof 06/ In the event of a power failure the roof will, by default, always open

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