Acoustic Whiteboard

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Acoustic Whiteboard is a dry wipeable writing board and sound absorber in one. The whiteboard contains 30mm of sound absorbent material that, when combined with the hard enamelled glass surface, creates unique low frequency sound absorbency.

Low frequency sound absorption is achieved through resonance technology and is crucial in helping to create a balanced sound environment. This is especially important in conference rooms, classrooms and work places where the ability to clearly hear speech is essential. 

How Acoustic Whiteboard works:

The noise in an open plan office or a education setting covers a broad spectrum. Mid and high-frequency noise is absorbed by traditional porous sound absorbers, furniture and textiles. But it is more complicated to capture low frequencies and there are few products for public spaces that are capable of doing this.

Low-frequency ambient sounds do not need to be as loud to be perceived as disruptive. In addition, low-frequency sound drowns out everyday speech, which in turn leads to raised voices and a further increase in disruptive noise. Acoustic Board is an absorber that also captures low frequencies as a complement to existing sound absorbers. The hard glass enamel on Acoustic Whiteboard is customised together with the sound absorbing material for optimal function at fundamental speech frequencies.

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