Acoustic Furniture

What Is Acoustic Office Furniture?

Acoustic office furniture (open plan office architecture) refers to furniture designed to create a comfortable workplaces where comfort, privacy and acoustics are a key concern.

Furniture elements found within this category can include high back acoustic sofas, meeting pods, acoustic baffles, privacy lamp shades, sound absorbing wall panels, work bays and many more innovative furniture designs.

How Does Noise Impact Our Office?

A critical issue within today’s contemporary office is what happens to this intelligence when the inevitable change to the layout, happens. How do we achieve refined acoustics in the flexible and adaptable workplace?

Office furniture can be used to create private or social spaces within the contemporary open-plan office. They have been designed to define areas of relaxation, concentration for brain storming, having informal team working sessions or meetings. Après wide range of sound absorbing furniture found here are specifically designed to absorb and assist with disturbing office sound in highly reverberant open plan offices.

Can I Improve or Manage Noise In Our Workplace?

Sound absorbing furniture helps manage open-plan office noise problems creatively and effectively. If there is a shortage of meeting rooms, one can create a space by defining one with soft seating or create a mobile room with meeting pods. There are numerous creative sound proofing furniture solutions to solve every one of you workplace requirements.

Office furniture such as cabinets, lockers, desk screens and freestanding screens, can all be finished with different materials to help avoid excessive reverb and deaden sound. Storage units with acoustically absorbing material in the front and back can help lower noise levels and provide boundaries between teams.