40/4 Chair

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40/4 Chair by Howe makes it possible for millions of people to sit in church congregations, training areas, meeting halls, cultural centres and even submarines, providing comfortable, sculptured chairs, which can then be cleared by compactly stacking them in a corner.

Designed by David Rowland, 40/4 Chair is a compact stacking chair solution which is designed to stack 40 chairs high in a 4ft space.

Available with numerous accessories 40/4 chair is just 6.1kg making it lightweight and manageable when stacking and laying out.

40/4 Training Chairs come available with arms and optional tablet, and are stackable to 25 high on a transporter. This chair has an integral linking system that provides a strong 3 point connection.

According to your preferences, 40/4 Chair seat back and arms are available in a plastic polyamide, veneered plywood or upholstery. The plastic version provides a cost effective solution without having a compromise on design or structural integrity.

To fulfil all of your requirements, various accessories are available such as hymn book holders for congregational seating, book racks, tutor tables, single, double, triple or quadruple chair dollies which provide maximum flexibility for any multi-purpose situation.


Designer: David Rowland


In the process of taking the 40/4 side chair beyond the prototype stage, the road was paved with all sorts of stumbling blocks. Rowland designed the chairs largely on his own time in the late 1950s, but companies were not interested and his design lay seedless for eight years. Due to his passion and relentless determination, Rowland made his vision a reality in 1964 with its initial launch and has remained in production ever since. A big-name architecture firm suddenly needed 17,000 chairs for a massive project at the University of Chicago and the rest, as they say, is history. Over eight million 40/4 chairs have been sold to date, proof that you need a brilliant idea to create a timeless design. But you also need to believe in it, to produce it.

Tutor Training Tables, designed by John Bollen, were developed to accompany the 40/4 Stacking Chair.

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